A couple months back I got a call from Kimberlee’s mom, a call that I was very excited to get. For months Stephen had been planning to propose to Kimberlee and the only people who knew were her parents, a very small handful of friends, and us. Let me tell you, that was one hard secret to keep!

We have known Kimberlee and her family for over 15 years (Gregg, Kimberlee’s father, was our youth pastor throughout high school and he was the minister at our wedding!) and when we got word of her upcoming engagement we were thrilled!

Having known Kimberlee for so long we knew that it would take a very special person to win her heart. Stephen completely fits the bill! After our first meeting with them I knew that Stephen would make Kimberlee a very happy girl. Take for instance the fact that he knew she always wanted to be with someone who could play piano. A small little thing that she only mentioned once or twice to Stephen. So what did he do, we secretly took piano lessons for a year and the day he proposed he played the piano for her, to a song he wrote. Yep I think he is perfect for her! 🙂

And here is a little more of a look inside their session:

We can’t wait to show the rest! This was our first shoot of the spring where we had warm light for the entire session. Let me tell you, good light makes a photographer very happy! Yeah for spring!!

Savannah and Philip