Olivia & Chris – A Beautiful Spring Wedding at Heartwood Hall

Olivia & Chris – A Beautiful Spring Wedding at Heartwood Hall

Chris told us the week of the wedding that he is an AMAZING dancer – like seriously good. Well it turns out that Olivia is no slouch either. And when you have family and friends who are equally pumped about celebrating Chris and Olivia’s wedding, it becomes a night to remember!

Heartwood Hall was the perfect backdrop for their wedding. There were stunning views on the lake, and an beautiful ambiance. The feel of the scene fit Olivia and Chris wonderfully! Kacie Cooper did an amazing job bringing the setting to life with her floral arrangements. And even though family came in from all over the country, there was no better place for these two to tie the knot. And to top it off, right after their ceremony, the sky blessed them with unforgettable clouds and light. It was such a magical time – Chris holding on tight to Olivia, both beaming!

These two really enjoy one another and feed off of each other’s energy! Chris describes Olivia as his rock. Her support is unwavering, her care a blessing. And throughout the whole day you could see Olivia smile big as she caught Chris’ eye. Because there is adoration in those eyes – he is her biggest fan. As wedding photographers, we have seen a lot of marriages begin and this one was truly amazing to see because of these moments that they both cherish.

And to think this all began on a softball field! Olivia noticed this quiet, strong guy and had to work on him a while to open up. But once he did, she found someone that she knew was special. His selflessness and calming nature was a welcomed addition to her life. She found out that she always wanted him around – and thats a beautiful feeling, isn’t it?!

Olivia and Chris, we had such a great time with you and your family! It was an honor to join you at Heartwood Hall and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!

These girls were all smiles all day! They were so excited for Olivia and were looking out for her to the very end.

Nothing better than having your best friends around for your big day!

Olivia’s mom and sister helping her get in her stunning Allure wedding dress.

Olivia made sure to bring flair to even her shoes!

When all the mirrors are taken… use an iPhone.

One of the best aspects of the day is to see father, son, and brother all get ready together.

Chris had a custom suit made for the wedding and it was on point!

Beautiful gift of pearls for Olivia.

As a guy who loves watches, Olivia nailed this gift. And such a fun note to go with it!

We love it when brides do first looks with their dads! And Olivia wanted her brother there too.

Kacie Cooper made such classic and elegant bouquets!

Right before the ceremony, Olivia’s hands were shaking from excitement. Her dad was there to calm her right down. Such a sweet moment!

Grandma as the flower girl… I mean, how amazing is this!

Loved Chris’ reactions as Olivia came down the aisle!

Parents are always emotional during the ceremony and is such a moving thing to see their emotions.

Olivia and Chris both had a hard time holding it together during their vows. They wrote them and you could feel the meaning of every word.

A groom should always have a handkerchief for just this reason!

Heartwood Hall has the most amazing backdrops, don’t you agree?!

Such tenderness and care in these photos!

The sunset was so magical!

Right before Chris and Olivia went into the reception, we had to get this rustic scene of the barn!

You could tell reality of Olivia being his life partner was sinking in for Chris during the first dance. Such a tender moment between them two!

Toasts are such a fun way for guests to hear the inside scoop on the bride and groom!

Olivia described her parents as soulmates. She just wants she and Chris to have the same connection. You can tell that devotion runs in her family!

We love it when brides just have a great time at their reception!

This moment is just too good!

Brother and sister getting down!

The last dance – reflecting on the full day, soaking in the joy, and dreaming of the future!

Chris wanted to leave in style!

This day couldn’t happen without some amazing vendors!

Venue : Heartwood Hall
Florist: Kacie Cooper
DJ : JordaBella

Videographer : Klassy Productions


Savannah and Philip

Jessie and Joe : Wedding

Jessie and Joe : Wedding


Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand,
But you’re teachin’ me to be a better man.
I don’t want to take this life for granted like I used to do, no, no.
I wanna love somebody,
Love somebody like you.
-Keith Urban-
























































Venue : Hill Home

Bridal Gown: Maggie Louise Bridal

Flowers : Flowers by Regis

Planner: Holly Burris


Savannah and Philip

Courtney and Nick: Wedding Preview

Courtney and Nick: Wedding Preview


Don’t look at me, it’s way too soon to see
What’s gonna be, don’t look at me
All my life, I never knew what I could be
What I could do, then we were NEW

You came along and made my life a song
Oh, lucky day you came along
Just in time while I was searching for the light
You came along, then we were NEW

We can do what we want, we can live as we chose
You see, there’s no guarantee, we’ve got nothing to lose
-Paul McCartney-







Savannah and Philip

Candace and Tim: Wedding

Candace and Tim: Wedding

Candace and Tim’s wedding was so delightfully fun! Their day truly was about the joining of two families and enjoying being with all your loved ones. They had so many friends and family members come from literally all over the world to celebrate with them! Between the two families you had German, Chinese, and Persian cultures represented. We absolutely loved seeing the diversity of the families but most importantly we enjoyed seeing the love that these family members had for Candace and Tim!

Enjoy a little look into their wedding at Heartwood Hall!

Savannah and Philip

Cary and Laura: A Heartwood Hall Wedding, Part 1

Cary and Laura: A Heartwood Hall Wedding, Part 1

I love the above image of Laura. I think it sums up the feeling of her wedding day perfectly, anxious for the day to happen but so ready to marry her best friend Cary.

We sat down with Laura and Cary a couple weeks before their wedding just to spend a little more time getting to know them and understand what was important to them on their wedding day. One thing they kept telling us was the importance of family. When the wedding day cam we fully understood what they were talking about. Both of their families surrounded them with love as their special day took place, so much so that many tears of joy and happiness were shed.

Cary and Laura have a love for one another that is easy to see and all that are around them know that they are perfect for one another. The weather on their day decided to have a mind of its own but that didn’t get them down. Even as gust of winds swept through their ceremony they both smiled and laughed through it all. Laura’s veil almost left her head but they could care less, there were leaving as husband and wife! Having seen them so graciously get through a crazy storm on what was supposed to be a cloud free day, we clearly know that they can weather whatever life throws their way. As long as they hold each other close through the storms of life they will come out winning!

And here is a look at the first part of their day! We have a second blog post coming with all the juicy details and fun reception so stay tuned!

Vendor List

Cary and Laura’s wedding took place at the beautiful Heartwood Hall! We seriously cannot say enough kind words about Denise and the staff at Heartwood. They bent over backwards to make sure that Cary and Laura’s wedding day was absolutely perfect! The amazing food (which we will be showing details of tomorrow) was created by the excellent staff at Heartwood.

Clint at Mahaffey Tents outdid himself again with the rentals. We loving working with the staff of Mahaffey, they have the best selection and the kindest staff!

Brett at Holliday Flowers created the perfect collection of floral arrangements for the day. Everything was stunningly perfect!

Stay tuned for the second part of Laura and Cary’s wedding!


Savannah and Philip