Katherine and Nick: A Springtime Heartwood Hall Wedding

Katherine and Nick: A Springtime Heartwood Hall Wedding

Where to begin with this wedding?! There were so many great moments – both big and small – during Katherine and Nick’s wedding day at Heartwood Hall! From there getting ready to their exit, it was a crescendo of emotion and joy. And the beautiful Heartwood Hall was the perfect backdrop for this day. The Spring colors were-out-of-this-world, and the rustic elegance fit this couple’s aesthetic perfectly. All in all it was a day to remember!

The day was very calm until the ceremony. These two decided not to see each other beforehand, which we really enjoy! There is a fun, growing excitement coming to the ceremony. Both families start getting more antsy in anticipation. The bridal party really gets into the climax of the ceremony too. But the best part is seeing the couples react.

Nick, a guy who always keeps it cool, was showing his nervous energy in the little things. He couldn’t sit still long while he was getting ready. He would move from one groomsmen to another, check his phone to just distract himself. But after the ceremony, he calmed down. And as the day continued to sink in his demeanor towards Katherine just kept getting sweeter and sweeter. I think Katherine being his wife was starting to become a reality for him. The girl that has given him more drive and desire to be the best he can be is willing to stick around for him.

Katherine was also calm until the ceremony. She is a girl that is on top of things. She likes to know everything is going as planned. But the ceremony becomes a time when control leaves and you are submitting to the moment. And her emotion began to show during the ceremony. Sweet tears of joy rolled down her face. And every once in a while throughout the reception we would see those tears come back. She was married to the guy that brings that comfort and stability to her life.

Katherine’s tears showed the power of our favorite part of the night. As they were about to leave and everyone was lining up for sparklers, Nick asked for one more song. Katherine wasn’t expecting it, and as he pulled her in she just cried. She cried because the man she loves wanted one more dance. He wanted to stop and breathe her in one more time before the night was over. It was so honoring to witness and photograph such a tender moment!

Katherine and Nick, we really enjoyed your wedding day! And we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the two of you!

All of the vendors that helped make this day so great:

Venue and Catering: Heartwood Hall

Florals: Katherine’s Uncle (How cool is that?!)

Dress: Ballew Bridal

Suits: Joseph A. Banks

Cake: Cakes by Carolyn

DJ: Deep Blu Entertainment


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