Billy & Emilee – A Classic Wedding at Plein Air in Oxford, MS

Billy & Emilee – A Classic Wedding at Plein Air in Oxford, MS

Where to start with these two?! Over the last year we have gotten to know them well, and have become friends. But looking back, we shouldn’t have expected anything less from Billy and Emilee. Nothing about them is haphazard. If there was one word to describe them it would be intentional. Their heart for others is infectious. The gazes towards one another unmistakably honest and loving. And their family and friends that surrounded them on their wedding day at Plein Air were beyond supportive. It was a great day in Oxford where so much of their story takes place. How appropriate that they got married where they spent so much time together!


Excitement and Joy Filled


Billy was so antsy at the beginning of the day. He was struck with this excited energy that at one moment made him stare deep in thought and the next be pacing around the room. Emilee, with her moms and bridesmaids around, was full of joy. You could tell she was trying to soak up her last few moments with her family and friends before she officially became a Canale.

It all calmed down when the ceremony came and they saw one another. Emilee was beaming with those big, deep, love-filled eyes that Billy cherishes. He mentioned to us how those eyes bring a comfort to him and lets him know he is in a safe place. He is free to be himself. And we saw that happy grin appear his face once they locked eyes! It was the first time we saw that grin all day. Billy opens up, or comes alive as he put it, when she is around. Emilee always sees this side of Billy – but the rest of us have to hope to get a glimpse in. And that is something she loves about him.


A Glimpse into Their Magic


Halfway through their reception, you could see these two starting to get overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support they were experiencing (they are SO loved!). So we slipped out with them to “take some portraits”, but it was really to give them fresh air and some time alone. Immediately, they just melted into each other, breathed, and soaked in their new reality. The photographs we captured during this time are some of our favorites! They were unguarded, open, and just focused on each other. We got to see Billy being that calming force that Emilee needs. We got to see Emilee be that joyful presence that allows Billy to let loose. That chemistry and give and take is a special thing to experience in real time. It was such an honor to see that and capture it for them!


We can go on and on about these two. But suffice it to say, Billy and Emilee, your future is bright, and we cannot wait to see it unfold!





Savannah and Philip