Jennifer and Joe: Hawaiian Engagement Session

Jennifer and Joe: Hawaiian Engagement Session

When I sent her the questionnaire that we have all our brides fill out she filled out the how we met in fell in love part with great easy and told us a beautiful story of love. I think it is only fitting that Jenn (who is a faithful reader of the blog 🙂 ) tell their love story:

“Jenn’s a Southern girl from Memphis; Joe’s a South Korean boy from Maryland. And Hawaii was our meeting place. We both met when Joe was serving as a semester intern for the Baptist College Ministry located across from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Our first introduction was on the steps of the Baptist dorm ~ an old Edwardian style house located in beautiful Manoa valley where about 22-25 students from all different islands live during their college years. As you can imagine, a house full of college students meant lots of laughter, lots of pranks, and lots of developing ohana (family). Some of our closest friends were made during our years at the dorm.

Neither one of us felt romantic sparks in the beginning. If you asked us if we had feelings for each other at that time we’d probably say no way. After a fall semester living in the Baptist dorms, Jenn flew to Rome for a semester abroad not knowing when or if she’d be returning to Hawaii. But thankfully Jenn returned to Hawaii the fall 2006 to work as a college intern along with Joe and the rest of the BCM team. And a year and a half into our friendship something clicked (especially after an intense prank that left Joe more than a little upset at Jenn!). Joe’s love for books and soul-stirring conversations slowly opened the doors for Jenn’s heart to become more than curious. We also started running together that fall semester; we’d often ride the bus down to Waikiki and join the Niketown running group. Maybe running around the Magic Island route played a little role too!”

One thing we really wanted to do with this engagement session was really show the beauty of the Island and the intimacy of the couple. We wanted to hone in our landscape work and at the same time reflect the nature of Hawaii. Typically we have slightly more moody images but for Jenn and Joe that just won’t do; they needed life, love, and the island in their images. Here is an example of how we take the couple’s relationship into account and then embrace it with our signature style:

One of our favorites from their engagement session! I love the trees of Oahu!

Another favorite for sure! We waited for a while for this shot since their was a wedding going on right where Jenn and Joe are standing. Pretty sure it was worth the wait. Rabbit Island makes a great back drop.

Tune in for Jenn’s bridal session and the full wedding post!
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