The Borm Family – Memphis Newborn and Family Photographer

The Borm Family – Memphis Newborn and Family Photographer

One of the happiest times we had last year was getting to know Lindsey and Brett. We photographed their wedding, quickly became friends. That doesn’t happen with everyone. But these two have a special place in our hearts. So not too long ago, when we all sat down for dinner one night, they told us they were pregnant. I think we may have been just excited as they were! We knew instantly they would be amazing parents, and a couple of weeks ago we got to witness it first hand! When we met Finn, we immediately fell in love with him! How can you not?! His soft, fluffy hair, his peaceful eyes, and smile are just the tip of the iceberg with him too. Lindsey and Brett couldn’t stop gushing about him when we talked with them. We discovered that Lindsey was surprised that she and Finn grew such a quick bond. There is this understanding of one another that is beyond the obvious. His little touches, her soft words, and his little grunts all have a deeper meaning that is felt. “I could just stare at him all day!” she told us. His variety of faces never leave her bored. It’s an adventure every time they get to connect with one another in her arms, and she cherishes these moments. But Finn alone is not what she loves to stare at. Their first night home from the hospital, Lindsey entered their bedroom to find Finn in Brett’s arms as he sang to him. She lost it. She told us it just hit that this is her family…. hers. She gets to have Brett along side her as they grow along with Finn. And Brett, being the intentional guy that he is, is tender with Finn. Even though they are “play buddies” they still have this quick moments where Brett is overwhelmed with pride and soaks in his new son. “It just keeps hitting me that he is my son… I have a son!” Brett said as he was describing these moments. He never knows when it will hit but when it does the excitement overwhelms him. We loved seeing both of their relationships with Finn as well as the whole family together. This time is so precious for them! But on to the cutest baby around! Here are some of our favorites from their sessions as well as the artwork we help them design for their living room!

And here is their artwork hanging in their living room (thanks Lindsey for sending us a photo!) We loved the design we all came up with together at their Design Consult!


Savannah and Philip

The Mayo Family

The Mayo Family


When we were young,
We could always dare to dream
That the places we have seen
We’re enough to make us who we are.
But now we are hooked,
On the questions in between,
That marry you and me, to a song that we can’t sing

Oh, to know where secrets go
We could start a fire and watch it grow
We could bury our shoes and wait for rain
Till the summer takes us home

-Air Review-

























Mayo Family from Philip Kenney on Vimeo.


We are really excited to start sharing with you several family sessions that we have been photographing. Instead of taking a traditional approach to family portraits we are capturing families in their natural environment as a family. The goal is to document the joy of your family so that you can always remember this particular stage of life and all the fun you had together through photographs and video. Watching these families interact together brings us happiness and excitement! If you are interested in having your family captured by us please feel free to contact us about session availability.