Leslie and Peter: Wedding

Leslie and Peter: Wedding

Every wedding that we get to be a part of is special to us but wedding of Leslie and Peter was extra special. This was our first wedding of our season and Philip and I both agreed that is was absolutely the best wedding to start the year off with.

On a warm April Saturday Leslie, Peter, their close friends, and family gathered together at her parents’ house to joyously celebrate their marriage. I don’t even know if joyous is an adequate enough word. We’ve had super happy and excited brides but Leslie was something special on her wedding day. One look into her eyes and you knew this was the day she had been waiting for, for years! And then when you looked at Peter he had the same glow; he was getting to join his life to his beloved’s life.

One of the reason’s this wedding was so special was the location. You see Leslie’s father personally built the house where she got married. It took him 18 years but he did it. We’ve known the Hipp family for the entire building process and I personally know the hard work that went into every little area of this house. There is something beautiful in watching a father see his daughter on her wedding day walking down the stairs that he build with his own two hands. What a perfect place to get married!!

I could go on for days about this wedding but I’m going to let the images talk for themselves. Enjoy!!

Below is Leslie’s dad seeing his daughter for the first time. If you know Robert, you know that he is constantly in overalls ready to work. Leslie really wanted to make sure that he saw her in his traditional wear. I love it! Weddings are special days but they also are about being yourself and being true to who you are. This family was completely true to themselves on Leslie’s special day and we loved that!! They weren’t worried about putting a show on; they simply wanted to celebrate the day in their own personal way.

I love that Robert took a moment to stop and survey his land on his daughter’s day. He was busy running around making everything perfect for his little girl and Philip happened to run across him during this moment and I’m so glad he did!

Now that is one excited groomsman 🙂 Perfect form too!


Peter actually proposed to Leslie on this balcony. Their story came full circle on their wedding day.

And the beautiful details! Regis from Flowers by Regis did a fabulous job!! The color scheme was perfect! Leslie spent months collecting all the milk glass vases and sterling silver tea pots. I love them!

At the end of reception the couple had a personal firework show. I’m going to go ahead and say that it was pretty awesome. It was about 15 minutes and a perfect end to the day!


Savannah and Philip



Tent and chair rental: Mahaffey Tent

Floral: Flowers by Regis

Dress: Ballew Bridal 

Cupcakes and cake: Muddy’s Bake Shop

Catering: Charlene Starnes

Fireworks: Buster Pearson,

Wedding Coordinator: Karen Montgomery