Wedding Inspiration – Grooms

Wedding Inspiration – Grooms

There are few aspects of a wedding that are more striking than a well dressed groom. Yes the bride may be the center of attention, but a groom in tailored suit always steals some glances! No matter what a man deserves a good fitting and looking suit for his wedding day. At the price it takes nowadays to rent a suit you could buy one and have it tailored! It’s a no brainer! But it does;t stop there – so many grooms are now finding ways to express themselves in the little details like socks, shoes, and cufflinks. Whether your wedding is casual affair or black tie, we have seen grooms rock some amazing suits and accessories. Below are some of our favorites!

Cody went pure southern gentleman we his mid-grey suit and patterned bow tie. Add on his luxury watch and sunglasses, he brought extra flare to classic look! – see Cody and Cassandra’s Corinth, MS Wedding at the Franklin Courtyard.

You could tell Anthony felt amazing in his suit! A black suit, while always classy, can be infinitely customizable and that is exactly what he did with his gold tie. It’s an that little pop and nod to the colors of the wedding day. – see Anthony and Andrea’s Memphis Wedding at The Brooks Museum.

Brett went with a euro-style cut and three piece suit for his wedding! With a textured tie he kept some personality while allowing the cut of the suit bring sophistication. – see Brett and Lindsey’s Memphis Wedding at Cedar Hall.

The tux – the most classic look for a wedding that will never disappoint! Both Matt and Kevin wore it flawlessly by making sure the suits fit just right. – see Matt and Leah’s Temple Israel Wedding  and Kevin and Madison’s Annesdale Mansion Wedding

What made Eric’s suit standout was the light detailed trim on his lapel. –  see Eric and Amanda’s Cedar Hall Wedding

A navy suit is the perfect way to mix it up for your wedding day! Ideal for summer weddings, navy suits are the perfect way to help the groom standout from the crowd. –  see Blake and Kelly’s Memphis Wedding  and  Trace and Stephanie’s Memphis Wedding.

Ben’s darker lapels added a touch of black-tie feel without going fully that direction. Perfect for weddings that want to be luxurious but still have a casual, intimate feel. –  see Ben and Gina’s Annesdale Mansion Wedding

We loved the contrast of Alex’s navy suit with the maroon tie! And Dan’s three piece suit with patterned tie (much like Brett’s above) was ideal for their modern, yet rustic wedding. –  see Alex and Sam’s Oxford, MS Wedding at The Jefferson and Dan and Susie’s Metal Museum Wedding

To this day, we still remember Craig’s suit jacket! The navy blue tux jacket with black lapels couldn’t have been a better fit for their classy, New Orleans inspired wedding! – see Craig and Brittany’s Memphis Wedding.

While Zac celebrated the timeless black suit, Grant went for a custom jacket that truly stole the show! – see Zac and Kelly’s Spring Creek Ranch Wedding and Grant and Brittany’s Memphis Wedding at Annesdale Mansion.

Clay’s tan suit with blue details just screams southern wedding in the best way! Josh’s warm, grey suit paid homage to the fall colors and season of their wedding in a simple way. – see Clay and Kim’s Memphis Wedding and Josh and Theresa’s Bono, AR Wedding at The Silos.

Let’s be honest, who would even entertain a suit when you can wear a military uniform?! Zach wore it with pride and Lillie was so enamored with her man in his uniform all day! –  see Zach and Lillie’s Memphis Wedding.

Larry looked so dapper in his black tux, and Salim made a nod to Christmas with a red tie and pocket square for his December wedding. – see Larry and Tracy’s Wedding and Salim and Naila’s Wedding.

Superman socks and custom Italian shoes – not the most likely pairing. But who could argue with Cody’s choice? Great combo!

I (Philip) wore converse on our wedding day so I love what Kevin did for his wedding! Adding those multi-colored socks really showed off his personality.

Speaking of socks, Alex went full on tar Wars with his C3P0 and R2-D2 socks. Brett went with a simple, modern pattern to match his three piece suit.

Cufflinks are becoming grooms’ favorite way to customize their looks. And the most common way to personalize it is with your team’s logo. SEC and Memphis both are King around here!

With the resurgence of Star Wars, Darth Vader cufflinks are an obvious and amazing choice! Or, if you want to add extra luxury to your suit, gold cufflinks never fail!

Sometimes the details are just for you. Peter had this beautiful cross around his neck all day to remind him of the faith that was dear to both he and his bride, Katherine.

As with Zach’s uniform, who wouldn’t wear their medals from the military? Screw a boutonnière when you can show off your military decorations.

Matt had groomsmen pass before their wedding and knew he wanted him there in spirit. He made sure all his groomsmen had his dear friend’s initial on their cuffs for the day. Such a sweet memoriam. The added touch of his all black watch was stunning.

A good watch is hard to beat for a groom accessory! Brett received this one has a gift from his bride, Lindsey.

Zac added this black watch with golf trim to his all black suit. What a way to dress up an already great looking suit!

Now that is a beautiful watch! Salim picked the perfect watch to go with his gold wedding band.

Last, but not least, is a those hidden personalizations to your tie. This is a great way for the bride to surprise the groom as both Josh and Zac experienced first hand!

We have many more wedding inspirations coming, including rings and cakes! Cheers!

Savannah and Philip