Jenn and Joe: Engagement Session Sneak Peek

Jenn and Joe: Engagement Session Sneak Peek

Now that we are back on the mainland we really really really miss Hawaii. It was such a magical place full of wonder and excitement. Every time we turned the corner there was a new adventure awaiting us. I wish we never had to leave! I can see why Jenn and Joe haven’t left yet.

Jenn is from Memphis and Joe is from Maryland and it took them both going to Hawaii for them to meet. And could there be a more perfect place to meet, fall in love, and get married! Having known Jenn for upwards of ten years now we couldn’t be happier for her that she found Joe and that he is such an amazing guy. As we photographed their engagement session just days before their tropical wedding we could clearly see that both we deeply in love and all their friends and family were one hundred percent behind their marriage.

Being with them through most of their wedding week gave us deep insight into all the fun little aspects of their love and really and truly showed us what it means to have wedding full of love, support, and friendship. Many times I stopped and looked around at all the love that was being displayed: Jenn and Joe’s love for one another, the love of family members, the love of friends, and the love of a community. I caught myself crying tears of happiness many times as we had the honor of being part of such a special week in their lives. Nothing brings us greater joy than to share in the love of others and to document that lasting love.

Jenn and Joe,
We cannot thank you enough for giving us the high honor of photographing your special day. It means the world to us that you would care enough to fly us out and let us be a part. We are greater people because of the love you have shown to us.

Savannah and Philip