Jenn and Joe: Hawaiian Wedding Sneak Peek

Jenn and Joe: Hawaiian Wedding Sneak Peek

When we set out from our hotel at 6 am we were full of nerves and energy, you know those good nerves and the energy that gets you all excited. We knew that Jenn and Joe’s day was going to be one great day and we couldn’t wait to get started! When I (Savannah) got to Jenn’s getting ready room at The Prince Hotel I was greeted with the view above and best of all a nice rainbow to start the day off right! Everything about the day turned out to be magical and perfect in every way! We can’t wait to share all of their images so for now, one of our largest sneak peeks (just for you Jenn) 🙂

One thing we have really been focusing on lately with our wedding coverages is the little moments that a bride and groom might forget after they happen. These have become some of our absolute favorite images from our weddings because they tell the real story of the wedding day. We hope these moment will never be forgotten and will be handed down from generation to generation. One such moment that we loved from Jenn and Joe’s wedding that we loved was the time that Jenn had with her mom right before Joe arrived to see Jenn for the first time. The closeness and smiles shared between them truly showed the joy and happiness of the day.

Jenn’s smile makes my heart melt! I absolutely love when a couple decides to see each other before the ceremony.

I absolutely love working with Philip at weddings. He is the best partner ever! Here is just one of the reasons why. While I was getting this close moment with Jenn and Joe during their first moments together:

Philip was getting this breathtaking image! Hand down one of our favorite locations for a first moment together 🙂

The community that surrounds Jenn and Joe is simply amazing! They were so excited for the couple and were thrilled to be a part of their wedding!

A hint of the little details from the day. You’ve got to love the natural beauty of the island:

Lightheartedness and laughter are definitely essentials for the wedding day. Nothing beats true happiness!

Jenn and Joe,

We cannot wait to finish your images! We are so incredibly honored that you allowed us to be a part of your amazing day!We miss you and we definitely miss the beauty that is Hawaii!

Savannah and Philip