Jessica & Traynor : A Spring Wedding at the Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis

Jessica & Traynor : A Spring Wedding at the Peabody Hotel in Downtown Memphis

This was a day that celebrated two people that just work together so well! Jessica and Traynor get each other’s sense of humor, both are driven professionally, and they understand each other well. They know their strengths and weaknesses and how to be there for one another. And they both have giving hearts! Instead of having a traditional registry they asked everyone to donate to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. How awesome is that?! So their wedding day at The Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis, TN was a celebration of two people that were meant to be with one another as life partners. And it has been so great to get to know them and help them celebrate their relationship!

One part of the day that really stuck out to us as indicative of their relationship was their first dance! These two love to do things together whenever they can! They are both very busy with work so they cherish the time they spend together such as working out together almost every day. So, in prep for the wedding, they spent time together taking dance lessons! And lots of them! For them, it wasn’t just trying to learn to dance better, it was about spending time with one another. They love experiences so it was much more than a requirement for them, it was fun for them! So this amazing first dance was a culmination of all the time they spent together to achieve this goal. They are a team and want to tackle life together!

The whole wedding was also stunning! The Peabody is always a beautiful backdrop for a wedding (and getting ready!), the florals by Holliday’s Flowers were popping with color, the dress that Jessica purchased from Maggie Louise was gorgeous, and Amy Tyler Weddings was there to help keep it all on track! And then the weather, even though it did not cooperate for the ceremony, came through for a beautiful sunset! Jessica and Traynor both were so happy to get one for photos and for the show itself. But the show didn’t end there. They were able to have fireworks… from two different events! How much cooler could it get than to have TWO fireworks displays at your wedding?

Jessica and Traynor, we had a blast with you two! The day was beautiful, and we are excited for you.

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