Wednesdays with the Kenneys: Meet Troubadour Kenney

Wednesdays with the Kenneys: Meet Troubadour Kenney

This week on Wednesdays with the Kenneys we have an introduction for you. Meet Troubadour the kitten! Yes, we have expanded our little family from three to four. For a couple months we have talked about adding to the family. We knew that we wanted it to be a kitten and we knew that we wanted a very specific kitten. Just like when we were getting Amydog we were willing to wait until we found the right one. We searched for a while, visited a few shelters, but didn’t feel like we had found the right addition.

Sunday a friend sent me a facebook message letting me know her friend had found a kitten and wanted to know if we wanted it. One look at the picture and I knew that was our Troubadour! Yes I had a name picked out before a kitten was found… We set up a time to meet the kitten and let her play with Amydog, the first born had to approve. Twenty minutes with the little thing and I knew she was ours. Philip needed a little more persuading but eventually cuteness won over and he gave me the thumbs up. I was one happy girl.

Now for the explanation on the name. Troubadour, such a big name for a little kitten but it fits perfectly. I picked the name out about a year ago and it always stuck with me. It is actually a reference to two things. First of all it references one of our all time favorite shows, Gilmore Girls. And the second reference comes from a live concert that was amazing, James Taylor and Carol King Live at the Troubadour. I love the quirkiness and uniqueness! We really didn’t get to name Amydog since she was fully grown when we adopted her and I finally got to use one of my funny names 🙂 No worries I am getting the fun names out on pets so any potential kids can have regular names that won’t get them beat up in school. Troubadour is actually the most perfect name for the kitten, she wonders around the house all day and does her own things. Since she is so tiny she is able to hide in the smallest places. We have already spent a few hours searching for hidden kitten…

We love Troubadour so much and we are super excited to have her in our lives. I am sure that we will be posting plenty of images of Troubadour in the future here. If you can’t wait for Wednesdays with the Kenneys you can get your Troubie fix on our personal tumblr page. You can view that by clicking HERE.

Troubie (her nickname) is hilarious! She is part Persian (so Philip’s dad, who is a vet, tells us) and that clearly shows in her actions. She plays and plays and then passes out. When I say passes out, she will fall asleep and flop to her back fast asleep until we wake her. You can fold her into any shape possible while she sleeps.

Here is an example of her passing out:

Such a tiny little fluff ball! She weighs under a pound and most of it is furr! She fits in one of my hands when curled up.

One of her favorite spots, under our chairs. Got to be careful when we move!

Enjoying the sun, getting sleepy….

And out:

Sleeping in Philip’s lap while he works:

Now we have had a lot of people ask how Amy feels about Troubadour. Well she is a little unsure what to think. It doesn’t help that we have had tornadoes since Monday morning and Amydog is deathly afraid of storms. So far Amy has just chilled and ignored the kitten. This is her typical place of residence during the work day and having the kitten in the office hasn’t changed that one bit:

This is about as close as they get right now. I have a wild dream that they will become best friends one day. Maybe that is a little far fetched but hey a girl can dream can’t she 🙂

So that is Troubadour. Be prepared for tons of cuteness as she grows up!


Savannah and Philip