For Will and Mary, Charley and Max are their everything! Their journey to parenthood was on filled with many emotions; Will and Mary didn’t even know if they would be blessed with children and here they are with two beautiful, joyous children!! Being a family is everything for thees two!!

As we talked with Will and Mary we both agreed that we love how much having children has impacted their lives in a wonderful way! For Will, Charley and Max bring joy and perspective into his life. He told us that parenthood is “a journey with great individuals; it is his motivation in life!” Being a dad to Charley has made him more sensitive and he delights in her sweetness and always wants to protect that in her! Mary also shared about this sweetness in Charley and how she is constantly looking out for others, especially Max! She always goes out of her way to make sure Max is looked after. For example when Charley goes to the doctor and gets a treat she makes sure Max gets one too! This tenderness is something both parents want to continually nurtured in their daughter! Charley and Max have a budding relationship and both parents see that they will always have one another’s back as they grow up.

We learned, and saw, that Max is the total opposite of Charley! Where Charley is slow to open up, Max makes instant friends! He is a hilarious little man who helps fill the home with laughter and energy. From waking up to going to sleep, Max is ready to go and constantly singing or laughing. And Charley is there by his side to watch out for him and join in the laughter.

What we loved most about getting to know this family was hearing how the Mary and Will see one another with the kids!! For Mary, Will is an example of what a man is for Charley. Will gets to show Charley how a man should treat a woman! And for Max, he gets to look at his dad and see how a man should act in all situations. Mary loves to watch the kids interact with Will because they both look at him like he hung the moon! They adore their dad and brighten up as soon as he enters a room! Seeing her children feeling secure and loved by their dad helps Mary to feel secure as well!

And Will gets to see Mary giving her all to the children. Mary’s connection with the kids is one of understanding and she is completely in tune with both Charley and Max! Their are so many ways to be a mother and Mary made the decision to be a stay at home mom. This was huge desire of her heart to get to stay home with her kids and it was a sacrifice on many fronts that allowed her to be able to stay home. Mary didn’t want to miss a single moment of their lives, especially after trying for so long to have children. She gets to see the joy in the small things, like watching them accomplish new stages of life.

Will nad Mary want to provide a home of joy, laughter, thankfulness, and kindness. They lead by example in the way they treat one another. A blind date brought them together but the universe knew what it was doing when these two found one another. Their energy and zest for life matches one another and they make an amazing team as they go through life together!

We absolutely adore the Ashworth family and we are so glad we got to capture this stage in their lives!