Portia contacted us a couple of weeks ago hoping to find the perfect family photographer to photograph her growing family. In particular, her beautiful daughter, Kai, is about to turn one year’s old and she wanted to make sure to photograph her during this unique time. Along with her son, Aaron, we all went to the Memphis Botanic Gardens to capture Kai and the family with the Spring flowers!

Portia told us beforehand that Kai is pretty much walking on her own already! And with that new found capability came an intense love for wandering, exploring, and independence. For Portia, this is such a fun phase because as she sees Kai enjoying her explorations she soaks in the fact that she is doing something right as a mom. Kai is flourishing and that big smile proves it each and every day.

What we loved most during this family session at the Memphis Botanic Gardens was Aaron and Kai’s relationship. Aaron is such a good big brother! He was always holding Kai’s hand or picking her up to keep her from falling. He watches his little sister with pleasure and honor. You can tell he enjoys the responsibility and, while I’m sure Kai also gets annoying some times (who doesn’t hate their siblings every once in a while?!), he wants to be a part of Kai’s experiences. It is great to see them interact and their relationship grow!

Now on to the photos! I hope you see some of Portia’s pride in being a mom, Kai’s enjoyment in her new independence, and Aaron’s caring nature towards Kai in these photos. We know Portia sure does!


Savannah and Philip