When we first started our photography business over ten years ago, sweet Ava was one of the first toddlers we photographed. And now here we are a decade later and she has grown into a beautiful young woman and sweet Nolan has joined the family!!

We absolutely adore the Mooney family and they have meant so much to us over the years. Getting to see their family grow has been a great honor! It means so much to us that all those years ago Leah trusted us to capture her little baby and now we work pretty frequently with Leah as she takes the Memphis Real Estate Market by storm! One of the things we love most about Leah is her drive and passion. You see it in her work, her parenting, and her relationship with her husband Ash. She puts everything she has into her interests and it clearly shows. She is a loving mother and her children are the fruit of that love.

Getting to see Ava grow up has been a treat for us! She has a confidence that few pre-teens her age have and a maturity that will leave you speechless. She carries herself with grace and is tender and loving to her brother Nolan. She has a bond with her dad that is one of the most special things a dad and daughter could share!! It really is hard to believe how grown up she is!

And Nolan! Oh we love this little boy! He is a joyful ball of energy that keeps everyone laughing constantly. His skill of telling stories rivals the great storytellers of old and his face fills with animation as he dives into his tales!! His smile will melt a room and he has stolen Leah and Ash’s hearts! Leah told us of his growing confidence and how Nolan will do what Nolan wants; he’s not afraid to be different and stand out from a crowd. So many adults could learn from this sweet little guy!!

Let’s not forget Ash, what a dad! He not only goes out of his way to make sure that the kids and Leah have what they need but also makes sure they are having the time of their lives! Together Leah and Ash make up a power parenting team and they are so fun to watch with their kids!

Mooney family, we love you from the depth of our hearts!!

Cheers, Savannah and Philip