“We’re just a happy family!” is what we kept hearing when we talked with this family before the shoot. And this is easily apparent once you meet Shona, the first grandchild of this family. Sudi and Max, Shona’s parents, both have taken on being parents while also taking on their professional careers. And as Supriya (Sudi’s sister) told us, “Sudi is a great mom, and the brightest person I know!” Being a doctor and mom can be challenging, but Brojo and Nima taught their daughter’s to embrace challenges. And it shows. Sudi handles this new chapter in her life with grace. And it helps to have a great partner in Max. She mentioned that one of her favorite things about Max that she has learned to appreciate even more now that Shona is here is Max’s initiative to get involved and to bring the energy to life when they both need it. Max and Shona have a close relationship and it is in large part to Max’s natural tendency to show care.

It was also great to meet Supriya and Richard. As we learned about their relationship, we learned that they give each other freedom to focus on their careers. They are both naturally this way so they understand one another and support one another to get to the next level. Richard is stable and solid in this endeavor. Supriya mentioned how he is so knowledgeable and has a work ethic that astounds her! And this keeps them moving forward to their goals. Is there a better way to show love to your partner than to push them forward? And Supriya clearly brings the fun and energy to the whole family. Her smile is infectious and she is always looking for a way to bring smiles to others – especially little Shona.

And little Shona! This wide eyed, happy boy is the love of the whole family! Everyone told us he was a happy boy, but we were still shocked about how happy he was when we met him. And it is that smile that everyone loves. For Max, it shows him that Shona is becoming his own person and as he babbles and smiles, he sees a boy wanted to communicate that joy! For Sudi, that smile shows an openness he has to the world. He will smile to complete strangers. This innocence is beautiful but fleeting. This are the things we wish our kids will hold on to!

And all of this is a reality because of Brojo and Nima. They can be proud in the family they have nurtured. Their girls are happily married, and growing their careers. They have two sons now in Max and Richard that their girls picked because of their influence in finding the right type of person to marry. And it is clear Max and Richard exceed any expectations they had! And now Shona is starting a new generation. They have a lot to be thankful for and have two generations undoubtedly thanking them for their hard work!

Now on to the photos of this beautiful family (plus the wall art we designed of Shona for Sudi and Max!)


And here is that wall art we designed for Max and Sudi’s home! We love how this metal collage print shows all the faces of Shona!


Savannah and Philip