Sometimes life takes you on a journey that has unexpected twists and turns that you never fully understand until you look back and see how far you have come. Those times can be painful but they show your true character and make you into a better person.

I’ve watched Trisha go on a journey of self discovery over the past few years and I couldn’t be happier to call her my dear friend. She has pressed hard against all of life’s punches and has been made into a strong, determined, beautiful woman. Her strength to overcome any obstacle thrown her way is inspiring to not only me but all those she comes in contact with. I’ve watched her go from hiding behind a mask of reservedness to being an empowered, free woman. Her smile is bigger, her laugh is heard more often, and her eyes are open to enjoy all the small things in life. She is one of the most talented singers that I know and to see her shine not only in her professional career but also personally, makes me so proud to call her my friend.

And then there is Nate. Nate came into Trisha’s life at an unexpected time but he really couldn’t be more perfect for her. The way he encourages her to be her own person and chase after her dreams is inspiring. He openly loves her and wants to see her at her best! He brings a sparkle to her eyes that I haven’t seen in a very long time! There is a calmness that overcomes them when they are together and its been awesome to see this relationship form.

When Trisha hired us to photograph her for new headshots we were thrilled when she wanted Nate to come to and be a part of her celebration of new life. He brings out a side of her that I hope the whole world gets to see. You can see it in her eyes, a peace that is deep within her even with an uncertain future.

Thank you both for sharing this amazing time in your lives with us! May you always look back on these photographs and feel centered.