Probably the best way to describe Tyler and Lacey’s relationship is to actually look back to one of our previous weddings. Tyler and Lacey were guests at Kevin and Kathy’s wedding in North Carolina, and they were tearing up the dance floor at the reception! Like power slides on the knees type of tearing up.




Little did we know, there was much more to their dancing than met our eyes. Tyler described it to us during our conversations for their Forever Session: “Next to a Saw movie happening to me in real life, dancing in front of tons of people is the last thing I’d ever want to do!” When we asked him why he danced so intensely then, he just said, “All for that smile!”

That smile – Lacey’s ear-to-ear smile – means Tyler has made her happy. It also means Tyler feels accepted and loved. And this emboldens him, and gives him confidence. Or as Tyler put it,

“She has showed me how to be happy with parts of myself that I never would have explored if it wasn’t for her.”

How amazing is that?!




For all that Lacey has given to Tyler, she has also received a gift she didn’t have in her life previously: a steady peace. As you have probably gathered about Lacey she is a passionate person. She can make friends with strangers, and offers everyone that warmth that Tyler loves. Her extroverted personality met the opposite in Tyler and she is so thankful:

“He is stable. He can calm me down and level me out. That’s what I needed!”

Simply put, Tyler is her rock. He grounds her, brings thoughtfulness to her passion.




The best part of that reception in North Carolina though was that they both saw how they have influenced one another for the better! Lacey saw Tyler emboldened and letting out his passion. Tyler saw Lacey be that rock for him. As he put himself out there she met him with calming smile that means the world to him. And without a doubt, we knew that this couple had something special. And how cool is it we get to go through this next chapter of their lives with them?! Such an honor.

Thank you Tyler and Lacey for letting us see a glimpse of your relationship! We cannot wait for your wedding to come!

Being outdoors lovers, we had to incorporate some of the beautiful textures of nature.

Savannah spent a summer in Colorado (where Tyler and Lacey currently live) and they all agreed that these yellow flowers reminded them of the Colorado hillsides!

When Tyler saw this photo at their design consult he said, “THAT’s the smile I love!”

We loved this series of photos – you really sense Tyler’s calming nature and how it relaxes Lacey!

This photo got the nickname “Sail Photo” during their Design Consult because Savannah mentioned how it represents Lacey being the sail full of energy and Tyler being the stable boat in their relationship.

Lacey with that peaceful face she now has because of Tyler.

Beautiful, minimal, and elegant engagement ring!

They are quite goofy some times too!

Tyler and Lacey both spent a good amount of time of their lives in Memphis and what they both said they missed the most is Shelby Farms Park! But who wouldn’t miss this?!



Can’t wait for August you guys!


Savannah and Philip