It’s time for some sweets! Next to the couple, the wedding cake is most photographed thing by the guests at a wedding reception. And we are splitting this up into to two sections – bride’s cake and groom’s cake. Both partners have an opportunity to strut their stuff and it is always fun to see their tastes (pun intended) come out! Below are some of those cakes that really stunned us and showcased the personalities and themes of the couples weddings so well.

Andreana went with a modern look that used simple details and flower top that oozes subtle beauty.

Cassondra went bold with a beautiful blue-ish purple cake that echoed her wedding colors! Lindsey was inspired by her bouquet for her cake and it was spot on!

Cake toppers are such a fun way to bring in your personalities on your wedding day. And the fun-loving Emily made sure to have fun with hers – we LOVED these wedding seals!

Laura had cascading flowers going down her 4 tier cake while Brittany celebrated their modern theme with an avant-garde diamond detail that was stunning!

The monogram in the center of this cake  surrounded by the fine details really blew us away!

While very different themes and use of flowers, Brenda’s diverse florals on surrounding her cake and Gina’s single flower on top of her art deco inspired cake both show the range of possibilities for adding flowers to a cake!

Katherine couldn’t decide on the her cake so she had six cakes made to get all of the flavors and styles she wanted out! What a great idea!

We loved Leah’s use of berries, twigs, and flowers to add texture to her all-white cake! It went perfect with her natural details throughout the reception.

The detailing on both of these cakes is what stole the show. Kim’s lace-like detail was so well done and Rachel’s flowy detail was visually soothing!

We loved the little beading through Lillie’s cake!

Both of these cakes showcase some great skill by the cake makers. Devin made each layer a unique piece while Madison used an all white cascading flower that signaled their reception at Annesdale Mansion, which melded the outdoors with modern sensibilities.

What we loved about Cody’s groom’s cake was the entire table! It’s an homage to the his unique style as a southern gentlemen.

The next few cakes all celebrate the sports teams that each groom loves. Anthony, being in Memphis, is a huge Grizzlies fan! But we particularly loved how he had photos of his boys and bride above the cake.

Greg bleeds Bulldog football!

We loved Brett’s cake that celebrated his favorite soccer team – too bad Wayne Rooney didn’t show up!

Kevin wanted chocolate cake but he still had to celebrate his team, and Matt had no reservations for his favorite team with a really cool jersey cake!

Larry is a celebrated Tennis player so there was no other option for his cake! Trace melded his love Alabama football with his love to for the outdoors with his camo detail!

Clay, a big golfer and having their wedding at Spring Creek Golf Course, celebrated his favorite pass time!

Zac, being in the military, had his cake about the main thing her cared about, and what a great cake it was!

We will continue our Wedding Inspiration series soon – cheers!

Savannah and Philip