I remember the exact moment that Philip to me and moment he pulled out my engagement ring! It was a cold December evening and I had my hand stuffed in his pockets to keep warm. He hoped and prayed I wouldn’t notice the ring hidden close by and had to so some clever distracting to finally get the ring out for the big moment. I still tear up a little thinking about how he took weeks to find the perfect ring to show his love and also to fit my personal taste.

So much work goes into the search for the perfect ring, not only for the bride but also for the groom! Each ring holds special significance for each couple and it is so much fun to see all the different styles of rings! Some couples go together to find the perfect ring and others like the element of surprise. When it comes time to photographing the rings at weddings we try and find unique ways to not only show off the ring but also the personality of the couple. Here are a few of our favorite ring shots and also some inspiration for guys who are looking to pop the big question soon!!


Savannah and Philip