When we were in Hawaii we went on a walk at sunrise. It was one of our favorite memories of the trip. This morning we both were wide awake at 4:30. Why, we aren’t really sure. After realizing we weren’t falling back asleep we decided to take Amydog for a walk. With the crazy heat that Memphis has been having AD hasn’t been getting enough exercise. Well apparently 5:30 is the perfect time to walk her. It is much cooler and it is amazingly peaceful. We saw a few deer prancing through the fields as we walked and it was nice to be the only ones at the dog park.

Philip has been wanting to get a couple good sunrise shots here in Memphis and so we took a camera along. The sunrise was pretty but nothing fantastic. We love morning light and it was perfect for grabbing a couple images of our little family. When shooting weddings we tend to use a lot of artificial lights so it was nice to enjoy the simpleness for the golden sunrise.

AD loves to pose for us. Such a good dog 🙂

Apparently I didn’t look in the mirror before leaving… 6 am hair in all its glory. But I love this image of AD and I

Bright eyed and bushy tailed! Can you guess which one of us is the morning person?

And to end, one of my absolute favorites of the three of us! It is simple but it shows us so well! I only wish Troubadour was in it 🙂 (handy dandy tripod and self timer action going on)

Any other early risers out there? Or insomniacs? What do you do when you can’t sleep?


Savannah and Philip