Welcome back to another Wednesdays with the Kenneys! First up, the winner from last week: Tatiana Putra! Her favorite summer time event is: Cooking out with family and friends/eating outside… (reminiscent of the good ole days of Monday nights at the Meadows 😉
Congratulations Tatiana! You win a gift card to Yolo!

Monday night we had a spur of the moment date night. Since we work together all week we make sure to take lots of date that are not work related. We aren’t allowed to talk about anything business related and we just enjoy one another’s company. These date nights typically are just out to dinner and a good conversation so Monday we decided to mix things up a bit.

Our city’s NBA team, The Memphis Grizzlies, have made it into the playoffs! This is the 10th year for team in our city and I’ll be honest, they have find of stunk for the past 9 years. Game attendance has always been low and we have poked fun of the team. Well this year they managed to be pretty awesome and are in the second round of the playoffs! Very exciting time for our city! Monday was game 4 in the series and we happened to get tickets to the game.

If you follow basketball at all you probably heard how the game went. It went long is what it did! The game went into triple overtime! I have only been to a few live games and let me tell you, this was by far the best one! The crowd was on their feet almost the entire game! They had a “white out” so Grizzlies shirts were provided to all who came and it was so much fun seeing the crowd unified. They also gave away “growl towels” to wave. These kind of cracked me up. The slogan for the team while in the playoffs has been “We Believe.” While I am all about the city standing behind the team, I find it hilarious that we are believing in miracles for the team 🙂

Even though the Grizzlies ended up losing we had a great time! We sat way up in the nose bleed section but that didn’t matter, the crowd was just as engaged way up in the rafters. We screamed, yelled, jumped up and down, clapped, and waved our growl towels like we were diehard fans! It was one of my favorite nights with Philip! We might be late to join the bandwagon of Grizzlies fans but we sure had fun doing it!

In our complimentary XL tshirts 🙂

A few from our seats, way up high!

So what is your favorite date night? We are always looking for new fun things to do together so please share with us your favorite things to do!

Savannah and Philip