Today’s post is a little different because we are REALLY close to this family – as in we are their family! Hillary, Savannah’s sister, and David welcomed their second son, Fox into the fold and we are thrilled to see their family grow. They are a vibrant family in more ways than one. Hillary and David are both painters (click their names for more info on that!), and they are both full of personality too. Hillary always has a smile, always thinking of ways to make other people’s days more fun and happy. David is the kind of guy that will make you laugh out loud and feel listened to at the same time. Both have at their heart to look after others. And that is why they make such good parents!

They welcomed Cedar a little over two years ago. His fiery red hair is an outward expression of his personality – passionate! He loves life and wants to share that life with those around him. So we know that Fox will fit right in, eventually being his new cohort. Cedar is curiously and cautiously finding out what it is like to have Fox around, but you can already see his desire to include Fox in his life. It’s fun to see that process unfold! Cedar is a lover at heart and his heart is already beginning to grow bigger with the growth his family.

And then, last but certainly not least, Fox! An easy going little boy so far, he is not fazed by his big brother’s passion. And as you can tell by his faces below, he already has some serious personality! He truly is the perfect addition for this family. Plus he is dang cute! We could cuddle his chubby cheeks, hold his tiny fingers, and stare at him for days. But we may be biased…. I don’t know, you be the judge!


Savannah and Philip