This was our second anniversary. We went to Nashville and had some of our dear friends, Sean and Mel McLellan, shoot some “day-after” photos of us. We had grown in just two years of marriage. Our wedding photography business was on the cusp of really taking off (thanks in part to the McLellan’s mentorship throughout the years), our marriage was becoming more mature once we got passed the newness, and we began to settle in.


Some people hate to be settled in – its a sign that you don’t live. For us, being settled in means we can finally live because the great thing do stick out from everyday. But the everyday is so sweet because I get to do the mundane with the most captivating person in the world. It truly is a win-win.

Two years later (four years married), we have a great life. We wake up every morning together, walk across our breezeway to our studio every morning, and sit across from each other working. When times are slower we get to relax together all day. We’ve been told that some couples can’t be with each other and work together all day – I can’t imagine it any other way.

Savannah is by far the most devoted person I know. She is driven, strong, and spunky. She knows how to laugh often and make me laugh like no other. She encourages my passive personality to stick out. She encourages me in my landscape work and is okay with my attention being split at times between that and weddings and even her. She’s selfless in that way. She’s cool like that.

Two years after our day-after shoot, we are again a lot different. We own a house and a studio. We now have a cat on top of having the dog. Our lives look nothing like the way we thought they would this day four years ago. It looks even sweeter, stronger, and more fun than I could have ever imagined. And that is in large part due to Savannah being the woman who she is – I just try to keep up!


Photo by Melissa Sweazy

Savannah, I love you, and am looking forward to seeing who we become in the years to come. If the past is any indicator, it’ll be even better than we could imagine. I thank God for you everyday!