We hit it off with Zoe and Price pretty quickly. And that might have something to do with our shared love of pets. So it was only natural to include their dogs, Benny and Cole, in their Forever Session! These two dogs are part of their family so if we really wanted to capture this chapter of life for Zoe and Price then Benny and Cole had to be a part. And, might we say, these two pups might be the best behaved we have ever photographed! They are both lovers too, which meant a lot of cuddling these dogs during the session too.

But, despite our love for these dogs, this session is about Zoe and Price. What we really enjoy about these two is their relaxed, happy nature. They want to linger with one another and have fun while doing it. Whether it is listening to boy bands on road trips or spending time with their dogs, these two just soak in the moments together.

And it’s not hard to see why. Since Zoe came into Price’s life, Price has been more focused and driven to be the best he can be. He wants the best for her and he wants to be able to bring joy in life. And you can see that in the little things. Zoe, being an elementary school teacher, can come home with long, crazy days. Even the day of the session she had a whirlwind of a day. But Price, in his nonchalant way, helped her relax and let the day slide off her back. So where Zoe brings focus and drive to Price, he brings her peace and a little extra joy in life.

We can talk so much more about these two, but we want you to see more photos! You will see more of these two for their wedding later this year!

We had to see what driving in the car listening to boy bands looked like!

Cole (above) and Benny (below) in their matching bow ties. How cute are they?!

These two met at Rhodes College so we had to show off the magic of the Rhodes campus!


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