So here is the thing about Zoe and Price, they are freaking awesome! No really, they are the best ever. And their wedding was a true reflection of their amazingness!

See here is the thing they know how to have an amazing time but they also care deeply about those around them. During their Design Consult they jokingly asked if their day was a wedding or a frat party because everyone was having such an amazing time! There were a few tears shed as toast were given but that is because their friends were sharing with the world how big Zoe and Price’s hearts are. When Zoe’s maid of honor was going through a terrible time in college she called Zoe and she dropped everything she was doing to help her heal during this difficult time. Zoe is incredible quick to put everyone else around her first. Without even thinking she rushes into action so that others don’t have to worry and they can focus on what matters most.

And Price is the exact same way! They were truly meant to be together so that they can change the world for the better. One of the coolest things about Price is his ability to full express how he is feeling and his emotions! Our favorite part of his vows was when he told everyone just how Zoe makes him feel. His love for her makes him want to scream his love from the rooftops at the top of his lungs. So on the rooftop of the Peabody he literally ended his vows by screaming ” I love this woman!!!” It was beyond perfect!

And they just love to have fun! From Zoe literally popping out from a behind a curtain for her dress reveal to the countless finger guns through out the night, there two love to laugh! Everything about them is joyous and it contagious!!!

One of our favorite parts of their wedding was their support for their friend and groomsman Reid. It was super important for him to be at their wedding and having just had a bone marrow translate it was important that he stay away from even the smallest germ. They went out of their way to make sure he could safely be at the wedding and they also showed their support for Reid with all the bridal party wearing team Reid bracelets. This was technically their day but they wanted to let their friends know they were just as special!

And then there was the dance party! We knew it would be amazing simply because of Price’s love for boy band music (as we saw during their Forever Session) and they didn’t let us down! With the help of their kick ass band (Burning Las Vegas) the dance floor was PACKED the entire night and the Peabody staff basically had to kick everyone out to end the dance party! I mean, when one of the last songs of the night is Africa by Toto and everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs… you know it was a great night!

Without further ado, Zoe and Price’s wedding!!


Planning : Amy Tyler Events
Venue : The Peabody Memphis
Florist : Hollidays Florist
Band : Burning Las Vegas
Strings : Memphis String Quartet